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Ultimate Product for all Agriculture Crops, including Cannabis, Hemp.

  • Eliminates the use of antiquated dangerous fungicides, insecticides, and other microbe bacteria products. Clean Crop Solutions, is a alternative for the health and well being of all Agriculture Crops.
  • The Agricultural industry is Growing Worldwide and the majority of the crops are testing positive for pesticide, insecticide and fungicide residues. Clean Crop Solutions, provides a safe, proven valuable formula in replacing the most toxic pesticides, insecticides or fungicides. The Clean Crop Solutions,  is the solution to  toxic crop control chemicals which are being used today.
  • Clean Crop Solutions is approved and B-25 Exempt under FIFRA 25(b) Federal Regulations. The formulation has been successfully used on Fusarium wilt, botrytis, white powdery mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria, white flies, aphids, russet mites and other insect / larvae issues, whereby after consistent regime treatment, the problem is effectively eliminated. Clean Crop Solutions, leaves no toxic residues on crops, and is safe for mankind, pets and the environment.
  • Clean Crop Solutions, is a proven highly effective natural insect / fungi crop control, Bio-Stimulant able to accelerate photosynthesis and the production of sugar, which is a basic function of all plant cellular systems. Utilized on a regular watering / misting regime basis, Clean Crop Solutions, increases internal sugar levels in the plant, providing it with natural effective pest and disease resistance. This product is made from- Agricultural natural plants, which is on the FDA approved GRAS and EAFUS list of food products.
  • Clean Crop Solutions, is non-hazardous with a “0” OSHA rating and is quickly biodegradable, safe on skin, clothes and around animals. The unique Clean Crop Solutions, Nano-particle, robust micelle colloidal chemistry is elite, and can be used in all forms of plants, flowers and agriculture. Clean Crop Solutions, is extremely cost effective per spray-able gallon. Home based, small or large scale farming operations will realize many benefits of using Clean Crop Solutions, it is safe for humans, pets and farmland, including elimination of toxic drift, gloves, masks or “quarantine times”.

Colloidal Technology

A Colloid is a solution that has particles ranging between 1 and 1000 nanometers in diameter, yet are still able to remain evenly distributed within the solution. This is known as Colloidal dispersion. The substances remain dispersed and will not settle to the bottom of the container.  They contain no silicates, nitrates or hydrocarbon elements or phosphates. Which means there’s no negative effect to life form. 

How does it work?

It has to do with what’s called the sub-microscopic particles called micelles within the Clean Crop’s Colloidal Super Surfactant Product. This was achieved by blending various Agricultural Row Crops base to the product along with Hyper -Wetting formulas. These microscopic elements are so small they can’t be viewed with a microscope. This is the reason the product works so well.

Micelles are extremely small particles which are electrically charged (.00000001 cm) that repel each other just like opposing magnets when mixed with water. The end of a micelle has an opposite charge, one hydrophilic (affinity for water), while the other is hydrophobic (antagonistic to water). These micelles repel each other in a constant movement.

This causes easy penetration of Clean Crop Solutions, within certain Plant & Crop membranes.
When the product works it’s way through the soils and is taken up into the roots of the plant the whole life form has been changed and helps to protect the plant and helps activate the Plants natural immune system (SAR).

Clean Crop Solutions,  for the Cannabis Industry and all Plants

Clean Crop Solutions, vastly Aids a Plant to produce Calcium & helps reduce fertilizer usage.

Calcium (Ca) is a secondary plant nutrient and is a main ingredient in plant fertilizers. Crucial for plants, calcium prevents various types of deficiencies in plants while promoting healthy growth. It increases nutrient uptake and builds strong cell walls, which leads to sturdier crops with increased vitality.

Lime, a source of calcium, has been shown to keep issues such as club root at bay, while other forms of calcium are considered the best way to prevent problems like blossom-end rot in tomatoes.

Maximum Yield explains Calcium (Ca)

Calcium is especially important for plants such as Cannabis, Tomatoes, Peppers, Roses, Brassicas, Pears, and Apples . Even Pecan Trees, and other Trees.

Amino Acid

Clean Crop Solutions, Aids Amino Acids in Plants.

Amino acids are organic compounds that form proteins. They are considered to be the building blocks of life. They are made up of key elements, such as carbon and hydrogen. Amino acids are biologically significant and play an important role in nutrition for both animals and plants. Additionally, synthetic amino acids are used in industrial and commercial products

Plants create amino acids from primary elements they absorb from the environment. Carbon and oxygen are obtained from the air. Hydrogen and nitrogen are obtained from the soil. Inside the plant, amino acids are formed through metabolic pathways. Plants, like all other forms of life, require amino acids to create cells. These cells are then used to build various vital parts of a plant like roots and leaves.

Although plants can collect the resources necessary to create their own amino acids, many gardeners and farmers use amino acids alone as fertilizer for plants. These types of amino acid supplements can be applied to plants directly by way of a spray application, or applied into soil. Amino acids used as fertilizer, when properly applied, can have several notable effects on plants.

Some of the effects of supplemental amino acids are improved photosynthesis, an increase in a plant’s tolerance to environmental factors, and boosted plant fertility. Amino Acids, when applied to plants through a spray application or in the soil, provide plants with the nutrients they need for healthy growth. Additionally, amino acids added as a nutritional supplement help a plant to better absorb the key nutrients they need to naturally create more amino acids.

Clean Crop Solutions Product  specialized proprietary blend of colloid based technology has a significant life enhancing effect on the overall health and growth of Plant life forms. Current inquiries and subsequent examination has demonstrated that there is an apparent reduction in the geomagnetic (positive charged) field from various sources, (i.e. over-electric wire, T.V. – radio transmission, radiation etc.) such shifts of dominance of positive over that of negative magnetic charged fields have adversely affected botanical life on earth. By employing a specially developed colloid blend, it has been demonstrated that the favorable negative magnetic charged (dominant) fields are found in prolific growth environments.

Clean Crop Solutions,  colloid blend has been clearly shown to provide the following beneficial effects for Plant  life forms:

1) Favorable change in calcium binding in new plants (roots).

2) Provide balanced Ph – ready environment for proper electron (energy) chain transfer.

3) Favorable reduction of opportunistic infections.

4) Significant reduction-elimination in parasitic activity caused by insects-pests without the use of harmful chemicals.

5) Provide increased health, well-being and growth of plant species (apparent higher yields of chlorophyll production-activity by visual examination).

6) Increased utilization of H20 and nutrients.

In conclusion, with the enhancement of negative magnetically charged fields needed for proper and improved health and growth of botanical species, it can be demonstrated that such favorable effects can be provided when Clean Crop Solutions Product, has a specially designed colloid base.  This provides an exciting, safe-effective, innovative means by which the Plant and Crop life can be enhanced in an a non-ideal environment and  extreme environments.

How Clean Crop Solutions works as a soil conditioner.

Soil Conditioner:
Use 1 part Clean Crop Solutions to 100 parts water (ratio: 1 to 100 )
For control and retardation of most fungi, mildew, and algae, mold. For control and retardation of high salinity and acidity.

Assists in percolation of standing water and assists in loosening of compaction.
Apply a heavy saturation to the area being treated (100 parts water to 1 part Clean Crop Solutions. Follow with normal watering as soon as possible. The colloidal action is both lateral and vertical in movement. The downward movement is accelerated by watering. The action will continue to bedrock.

Foliage Treatment:
Use 1 part Clean Crop Solutions  to 100 parts water (ratio: 1 to 100 )
Apply solution to trees or plants. Note that on delicate leaved plants, trees, bushes, blossoms or buds, a plain water rinsing should follow within a very short period of time.

After the initial overall application (and rinsing), saturate the root area thoroughly.

The colloids will then systemically enter the plant. Once this has occurred, the plant can remain free from infestation or re-infestation for a considerable time. In some cases  nematodes would leave the treated area or die.


Triggering Plants’ Immune Response Provides Protection Against Disease.

For nearly a century, plant scientists have known that when a plant survives a disease, it often is more resistant to subsequent infections. It’s as if the plant’s immune system has become stronger, and indeed it has.

Because they are rooted in the ground, plants appear to be at the mercy of every disease or insect that comes their way. However, plants actually have a number of defense mechanisms. One of these is systemic acquired resistance (SAR), a whole-plant defensive response to disease. When a pathogen invades, a long-distance chemical signal is sent from the infection site that triggers the SAR response.

Clean Crop Solutions Pest Control

Low Risk 25bExempted under FIFRA Section 25(b) Pesticide

How it works as a Pesticide.

Colloids, also known as micelles, are microscopic substances (i.e. 1 to 300 microns) that possess a very profound ability to reduce or penetrates and changes the surface tension.  Their physical action is electrical in nature with each end possessing an opposing charge, which, along with its small size can allow easy penetration of certain Plant & Crop membranes.

Recent  field testing have shown Clean Crop Solutions,  stabilized colloid mixture to be an excellent pesticide.   Our product offers certain clear personal ecological advantages, in that the mixture is (safe) to animals, the ecology and is readily biodegradable.  This pesticidal action, theoretically, can be attributed to the following:

  1. The Biochemical-Biophysical (electrical effect) action of theses colloids produces a disruptive or interruptive action on the respiratory apparatus or mechanism, making it virtually impossible for the insect (pest), or it’s larva to survive.  Apparently various enzymes involved in their very simplistic life support system cannot tolerate or metabolize fairly low or diluted (stabilized) colloids.  Human beings or animals, being of a much more complex enzyme nature, have no difficulty or problems in this regard (i.e. colloids have been shown-proven to be non-toxic, non-harmful to human beings and other life form).
  2. The mere absence of a flexible tissue and fluid transport state found in animals and plants causes an insects body not to be able to accommodate the constant expanding, highly mobile action of colloids.  When absorbed, the colloids will then cause the insect (pest) to be  terminated.  This is done in a environmentally friendly manner without any adverse issues.

The action of a single micelle, is multiplied by billions of other micelles,  the electrical action created by the energy of billions of these tiny micelles. Then sick and dead  broken-down cells are attracted to the colloidal micelles by electromagnetic force, as Iron or steel is attracted to a magnet. The colloids inter those cells, and then eliminated, this process and concept is like no other of it’s kind. 

Usage Tips and Instructions

Usage Tips

  • Gloves, masks, goggles or respirators are not required when using or mixing this product.
  • Wetting agent is not required. Clean Crop Solutions is a super surfactant and emulsifier of non-miscible substances.
  • Completely compatible with all other agricultural chemicals, nutrients and other garden products.
  • Safe to use in all stages of growth. 
  • Spraying should be done in the morning or early evening when temperatures are lower and humidity is higher to give the product more time on the leaf surface.
  • Spraying in direct sun will not harm plants.

Product Directions

Clean Crop Solutions For:

Ants, Aphids, Beetles, Boll Weevils, Leafhoppers, Locust, Leafminers, Mites, Mosquitoes (Adult & Larvae), Powdery Mildew, Thripps, Two Spotted Spider Mite, White Flies, Nematodes, Alternaria solani (Early blight), Botrytis (Gray mold), Fusarium oxysporum (Wilt), Pythium spp (Watermold), Verticillum dahlia (Wilt), Rhizoctonia solani (Damping off / Root infections), Streptomyces Scabies (root vegetable scab & infections)

At the recommended application rate of 100 to 1.

Use 1.3 fl oz (38ml) of Clean Crop Solutions to 1 gal of water. 2 to 3 oz per gal for infestation

Typical Applications:  1 ¼  gallon per 1000 square feet /  55 gallons per acre

Maximum Application: 10 gallons per 1000 square feet


Soybean Oil

Corn Oil 

Filtered Water 


Guar Gum

Citric Acid



Garlic Oil