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CCS Colloidal Blend and Ingredients are from Organic Food Seed Groups Soil Conditioner Pesticide/Miticide/Fungicide.

Agricultural and Environmental Solutions.


Recent field research has revealed that the specialized proprietary blend of colloid based technology has a significant life enhancing effect on the overall health and growth of botanical life forms. Current inquiries and subsequent examination has demonstrated that there is an apparent reduction in the geomagnetic (positive charged) field from various sources. (i.e. over-electric wire, T.V. – radio transmission, radiation etc.) such shifts of dominance of positive over that of negative magnetic charged fields have adversely affected botanical life on earth.

By employing a specially developed colloid blend, it has been demonstrated that the favorable negative magnetic charged (dominant) fields are found in prolific growth environments such as rain forests.

The presence of this colloid blend has been clearly shown to provide the following beneficial effects for botanical life forms:

1) Favorable reduction in calcium binding in new plants (roots).

2) Provide balanced Ph – ready environment for proper electron (energy) chain transfer.

3) Favorable reduction of opportunistic infections.

4) Significant reduction-elimination in parasitic activity caused by insects-pests without the use of toxic chemicals.

5) Provide increased health, well-being and growth of plant species (apparent higher yields of chlorophyll production-activity by visual examination).

6) Increased utilization of H2O and nutrients.

In conclusion, with the enhancement of negative magnetically charged fields needed for

proper and improved health and growth of botanical species, it can be demonstrated that such favorable effects can be provided by a specially designed colloid based blend which is now available. This provides an exciting, safe-effective, innovative means by which the botanical life can be enhanced in an otherwise non-ideal environment (urban and suburban) primarily of

today’s world.

When mixed with soil, CCS, lowers the soil alkalinity and increases sulfur content and availability by altering soil electrolytes, changing soil structure.

CCS, is non toxic to humans, fish and animals. You will experience improved plant growth and development leading to increased crop yield and quality. Reducing soil alkalinity is of particular importance when alkaline water has to be used for irrigation. CCS, is preferred for application through drip irrigation systems:

Because of its outstanding suspension ability, clogging of nozzles does not occur. Pathogenscausing root rot diseases are distinctly more aggressive in neutral or alkaline soils. Soil acidification, induced by incorporation of sulphur, reduces the pathogen’s vigor and stimulates the propagation of antagonistic soil microorganisms. Sulphur application reduces the risk of infection with root rot.

Higher alkalinity makes elements such as iron, manganese and zinc less soluble and therefore less available for plant absorption. You will notice improved leaf greening after application. Nematodes will migrate away from the treated area. Excess rain or irrigation water will then carry the salts away from the treated area.

  1. CCS, changes or alters the electronic bonding in both soil chemicals and water.

Because of this capability, the oxygen status of the soil is increased resulting in the break-up of clay and hardpan, in addition to eliminating mineral and alkali contamination. Alkaline crusts formed from using chemical fertilizers will also be eliminated.

  1. After the CCS, treatment, of soils take on a regenerated structural change, accommodating deeper water penetration.

This allows for deeper plant root penetration and increased utilization of stored water for long periods of time. Attributed to the improved water penetration, CCS, decreases evaporation and run-off resultin in substantial water savings (by up to 30%).

  1. CCS, is an electrolyte able to remove the “NEGATIVE ION FOG” surrounding each clay or soil particle.

This process allows soil particles to chain bond, producing larger soil aggregates and optimal pore size. Proper pore size promotes increased aeration and optimum moisture retention capacity, encouraging fast biotic growth.

  1. The electro-chemical forces in the soil change radically after just one application of CCS,

These changes result in a granular soil texture ideal for moisture penetration, retention, and extended root growth.

  1. CCS, stimulates bacterial growth in the soil activating specific amino acid chains that are dormant. Nitrogen fixation simultaneously occurs.
  2. CCS, eliminates the salts left behind from years of chemical fertilizer use.

If not eliminated, these salts can burn the roots of plants, and cause stress. Salt removal, in addition toalkali and boron reduction, are some of the most significant benefits derived from a proper CCS treatment.

  1. CCS, helps to correct soil pH. Most soils experience immediate effects, however, the buffering capacity of some soils may decrease the pH adjustment speed.
  2. CCS, increases the organic capacity of worn out soil while unlocking natural fertility.
  1. CCS, revitalizes dormant fertilizer.

Often, soils contain readily available nutrients, but the plants are unable to obtain them. CCS, provides for proper nutrient absorption and utilization.

  1. CCS, has the ability to release nascent oxygen and hydrogen gases simultaneously (mainly from the water molecule).

Clean Crop Solutions Conditioner/Pesticide/Miticide/Fungicide

Application Procedures, Golf Courses

Recommended Application:

  1. First apply CCS, Soil Conditioner at a concentration of 100:1 (100 parts water/1 part CCS). After application, saturate with water to aid penetration of CCS, into the soil.
  2. Two weeks later apply CCS, at a ratio of 500:1 and again follow with heavy watering.
  3. After the above 2 applications, continue CCS, application monthly to maintain healthy soil conditions.


Subject: The extremely successful uses of colloidal action CCS, in the treatment and maintenance of golf courses in problem areas.

Greens Aprons Tees Fairways Plants Trees

Control and retardation of re-infestation of most fungi.

Control and retardation of re-infestation of mildew.

Control and retardation of re-infestation of algae.

Control and retardation of high salinity.

Control and retardation of high acidity.

Elimination of some mechanical aeration.

Assisting percolation of standing water.

Assisting loosening of compaction.


 Following are results to date: (after application of “CCS” to problem soil areas)


  1. Improved water retention was almost immediately apparent
  2. Improved root growth and height growth was quite noticeable in less than two weeks.
  3. Greening was and is outstandingly improved even in brown off areas.
  4. De-compaction of compacted areas has commenced.