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Clean Crop Solutions Super Surfactant

For The Cannabis Industry

Clean Crop Solutions From the Backyard to a Commercial Operation.

The plants become stronger and healthier with thicker cell walls, , and will help to protect the plants. Also safe to use on Seedlings, and Clones.

So how does it work?

Clean Crop Solutions, helps a plants Natural Defense Resistance Mechanism, When a mold spore lands on a plant leaf, it wants to send down a feeding tube to get to the water between the cells to germinate and spread. When the cell walls are thicker and there is an increased amount of calcium-pectate between the cells, the mold spores just sit there. By the time the germination tube penetrates the cells, it dries up and dies.

This all means the use of Clean Crop Solutions, which aids the amino acids, will help improve the plant’s natural resistance to pests and diseases, without harming human beings or the environment

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