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When mixed with soil, Clean Crop Solutions, will help lower the soil alkalinity and increases sulfur content and availability by altering soil electrolytes, changing soil structure.

  • Clean Crop Solutions, changes or alters the electronic bonding in both soil chemicals and water.
  • Clean Crop Solutions, Soils take on a regenerated structural change, causing deeper water penetration.
  • Clean Crop Solutions, is an electrolyte which aids the removal of the “NEGATIVE ION FOG” surrounding each clay or soil particle.
  • Clean Crop Solutions, electro-chemical causes the soil to change after just one application.
  • Clean Crop Solutions, stimulates bacterial growth in the soil activating specific amino acid chains that have been left dormant. Then Nitrogen fixation occurs.
  • Clean Crop Solutions, eliminates the salts left behind from previous years of chemical fertilizer use.
  • Clean Crop Solutions, helps to correct soil pH.
  • Clean Crop Solutions, increases the organic capacity of depleted old soil while unlocking natural fertility and lifecycle.
  • Clean Crop Solutions, activates dormant fertilizer left in the soils, release nascent oxygen and hydrogen gases simultaneously (because of the water molecule).
  • Clean Crop Solutions, is a Biodegradable pesticide. Which is safe for all mankind and Can effectively be used as a Crop Wash.

Used in commercial Pepper Farming operations.

Used in commercial indoor Tomato Farming operations.

Clean Crop Solution is good for all Agricultural Plants!

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