Clean Crop Solutions
Used For All Agriculture

Used in Vineyard Growing operations.

When mixed with soil, Clean Crop Solutions, will  lower the soil alkalinity and increases sulfur content and availability by altering soil electrolytes, changing soil structure.

  • Clean Crop Solutions, changes or alters the electronic bonding in both soil chemicals and water.
  • Clean Crop Solutions, Soils take on a regenerated structural change, causing deeper water penetration.
  • Clean Crop Solutions, is an electrolyte which  aids the removal of the “NEGATIVE ION FOG” surrounding each clay or soil particle.
  • Clean Crop Solutions, electro-chemical causes the soil to change after just one application.
  • Clean Crop Solutions, stimulates bacterial growth in the soil activating specific amino acid chains that have been left dormant. Then Nitrogen fixation occurs immediately.
  • Clean Crop Solutions, eliminates the salts left behind from previous years of chemical fertilizer use.
  • Clean Crop Solutions, helps to correct soil pH.
  • Clean Crop Solutions, increases the organic capacity of depleted old soil while unlocking natural fertility and lifecycle.
  • Clean Crop Solutions, activates dormant fertilizer left in the soils, release nascent oxygen and hydrogen gases simultaneously (because of the water molecule)
  • Clean Crop Solutions, is a Biodegradable pesticide. Which is safe for all mankind and Can effectively be used as a Crop Wash.


Used in commercial Pepper Farming operations.

Used in commercial indoor Tomato Farming operations.


Clean Crop Solutions-Mushroom Farming

Clean Crop Solutions, is very successful in the Aid of Mushroom Farming, and various Diseases, and problems Mushroom Farmers experience.  

Mushrooms are a rich source of nutrients, particularly proteins, mineral vitamins as well as bioactive constituents, such as phenolic compounds, terpenes, steroids and polysaccharides The Pleurotus spp. of basidiomycetes class belongs to a group known as “white rot fungi” as they produce a white mycelium and are generally cultivated on non-composted lignocellulosic substrates This genus requires little growth time, compared to other mushroom

Mushroom survival and multiplication are associated to a number of factors, which may act individually or have interactive effects among the  Intensive cultivation of edible mushrooms can often be affected by some fungal and bacterial diseases that rather frequently cause dramatic production loss. These infections are facilitated by the particular conditions under which the mushroom cultivation is commonly carried out, such as warm temperatures, humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2) levels and presence of pest.

Due to these reasons, mushroom growers are frequently challenged by mushroom disease of bacterial and fungal origin. While an increasing number of commercial farms cultivate mushrooms, growers have faced serious challenges caused by various viral infection.s Fungal viruses, namely mycoviruses, persistently infect fungal taxonomic groups, including plant pathogenic fungi and mushrooms. The infection has been known to cause few significant phenotypic effects on mushrooms. Although careful farm management and extreme hygiene may prevent major attacks, some diseases are very difficult to control. Moreover, shelf life quality is severely affected by diseases that are still asymptomatic at the time of harvest. The use of disinfectants such as chlorine (household bleach) and the application of selected fungicides is generally practiced in the cultivation of mushrooms, which involve significant costs. Moreover, the use of chemicals in cultivation leaves undesired residues, several of which have been banned from use. Most chemicals that are still allowed have failed to adequately control major mushroom diseases as resistance is easily induced Therefore, good alternatives have to be found.


Bacterial and fungal diseases are a major problem in mushroom cultivation a high percentage of products are lost due to lower productivity, decrease in quality and shortened shelf life.

Clean Crop Solution is good for all Agricultural Plants!

Clean Crop Solutions is used in all forms of Agriculture.

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